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Underground Storm-water Attenuation Structures

Where a new development creates hard-standings and roofs which will generate rainwater run-off, it is possible that the existing drainage network, to which the development is to discharge, may not be able to cope with a 100 year storm expectation. In this instance an underground storm-water attenuation structure may be created to ensure the discharge to the existing drainage network is at a rate which is appropriate.

Acrefield Developments works closely with Designers and Suppliers of Storm-water Attenuation structures to ensure the smooth and effective installation of both the containing Geomembrane and structural cells.

In all cases Acrefield Developments will provide an appropriate Geomembrane, which will benefit from welded seams. This, coupled with the installation of quality structural cells, creates a long serving structure which will meet the approvals of the Environment Agency, whilst still presenting good value for money.

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