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Gas Protection to Buildings

When siting new buildings on contaminated land, several problems are encountered, such as ground gases, hydrocarbons, organic waste and peat deposits. Acrefield Developments can offer solutions to these problems from feasibility to construction.

In order to obtain Detailed Planning Permission, no risk must be presented to the occupants, or environment, of the proposed structure. A site investigation will highlight the potential risks to be assessed, including consideration of ground gases.

Acrefield Developments can protect new buildings, and existing surrounding buildings, from the influence of harmful ground gases by means of sub-slab ventilation and gas barrier membranes. We can engineer by calculation, within industry guidelines, a bespoke ventilation system based on proprietary products. The purpose of the ventilation medium is to dilute and disperse the ground gases, so as to vent gases at a safe concentration.

An interpretation of the calculation is then applied to individual building foundation types, offering site specific solutions. Buildings are then further protected with a homogenous gas resistant membrane.

Our designs may be backed with Professional Indemnity Insurance from an independent Environmental Engineer, the products are issued against a performance specification and we also offer an installation service. Thereby presenting a holistic and warranted solution to the development of contaminated land.

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